Zscaler Cloud Protection 2022 Review & Best Alternatives

The initiatives and targets for the next year are clear. The confidence is backed by numbers, such as revenue, industry growth and facts like 40% of Fortune 500 selected Zscaler for their cyber protection. In all that, I feel I’m contributing and my contribution is recognized. Not a downside, zscaler review necessarily, but a word of caution – this isn’t a company with an overabundance of structure – so if you are looking for a clearly defined operating manual, keep moving! However, if you thrive in a bit of ambiguity and like to be the one to build the structure, this is the place for you!

It is comprised of modules that offer resiliency, redundancy, and swift performance. This enables the software to provide access to content, applications, and services with maximum security. With Zscaler Cloud Security Platform, businesses can rest assured that they, as well as their users, are well-protected from security threats in the cloud. This is because the cloud security solution instantly acts against breaches and blocks them to ensure the safety of all users.

zscaler review

Users Dashboard does the same for the users while the Health Dashboard covers the status of your App Connectors and ZPA Private Service Edges. The majority of these tools come with the support for various search and time range options. People now work from anywhere, not just from an office. Applications are based in the cloud, not just on-premise. And the company network perimeter is now spread across the internet.

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The firm offers a domain name system , content delivery network , web security services, and cybersecurity. More than 100,000 clients are served by its network, which is spread out over more than 250 locations in 100 different countries. Data security teams must have visibility and control across all channels, including endpoint, web, network, email, and cloud, due to the continual movement of firm data. Forcepoint DLP offers safety and visibility for all cloud-based and on-premises data.

If you don’t have that control, you don’t know where the problem is. Now, at least we know that it’s either on the client or it’s on Zscaler or it’s on the destination that they’re trying to reach. Initially, one of our demands was that everything should be cloud-based, meaning we shouldn’t have any agents on each computer. We learned the hard way that such an approach doesn’t work well, because you need something to control the path from the user’s computer to the Zscaler cloud.

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  • Using this powerful tool, you can also secure app-to-web and app-to-app traffic and workload communications across different environments.
  • McAfee sold both the Stonesoft and Sidewinder firewall products to Intel.
  • It inspects the encrypted traffic and verifies what threats are coming in.
  • Combines deep industry knowledge with experience providing top of the line technical support.

Zscaler has three separate consoles for managing ZIA, ZPA and Zscaler Client Connector. In addition to those three Zscaler consoles, customers will need another console for connecting third-party SD-WAN devices at each location to the Zscaler cloud. Zscaler https://xcritical.com/ has a global cloud-native platform that provides trust and secure access. With the introduction of SASE, Zscaler adopted that nomenclature to describe its secure access suite. Zscaler has a strong cloud-native architecture for secure internet access.

This means latency increases, as user traffic must be diverted back to a Zscaler PoP before it proceeds to the enterprise data center. Second, the PoPs themselves are little more than VMs running in AWS. Zscaler performance suffers further without the ability to control the routing or scale resources up and down to address capacity issues.

Zscaler Cloud Security: Product Overview And Insight

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BlackLine Named to The Software Report’s 2022 Top 100 Software Companies List – PR Newswire

BlackLine Named to The Software Report’s 2022 Top 100 Software Companies List.

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This included access to the granular user experience monitoring and analytics solutions, Zscaler Digital Experience . Zscaler Cloud Browser Isolation creates a gap that separates users from the web. It prevents data leakage and active threats by rendering online content as a stream of images without software agents at endpoints. Zscaler Web Security is a part of the Zscaler Zero Trust Exchange platform.

Using this powerful tool, you can also secure app-to-web and app-to-app traffic and workload communications across different environments. I spoke with Roman Stanek, CEO of GoodData, about business intelligence, data as a service, and the frustration that many executives have with data… Zscaler have made the traffic inspection and analysis of the outbound and inbound traffic very easy. The license is per user, and there’s a minimum license per user per year. It’s costly if you compare it to the traditional solutions like Symantec or Bluecoat. It’s about 20 to 30 percent costlier than the traditional solution, but it gives you the flexibility to work from anywhere, and everything becomes effortless.

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Once activated, these dashboards will be your key assistants in getting the most out of the Zscaler Private Access service. Glassdoor has 1,479 Zscaler reviews submitted anonymously by Zscaler employees. Read employee reviews and ratings on Glassdoor to decide if Zscaler is right for you. 90% of Zscaler employees would recommend working there to a friend based on Glassdoor reviews.

zscaler review

It provides a content delivery network in addition to technologies that defend against distributed denial of service attacks . Cloud Flare reported a 52 percent growth in sales to $656.4 million in 2021 when the company had 2,432 workers and a total workforce of 2,432. CrowdStrike’s security products are offered on an a la carte basis.

Rather, they scan data in RAM and then proceed to scrub them. These means that logs are only generated in memory, after which it is forwarded to the solution’s logging plane. Datamation is the leading industry resource for B2B data professionals and technology buyers. Datamation’s focus is on providing insight into the latest trends and innovation in AI, data security, big data, and more, along with in-depth product recommendations and comparisons.

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The international technology company Cisco specializes in the provision of solutions for problems relating to communication, networking, and cybersecurity. This company, much like Zscaler, is in the business of providing cloud security services through the use of the Cisco Umbrella platform. In the year 2021, Cisco reported having around 79,500 employees on its payroll and making revenues of $49.8 billion. Netskope is an American supplier of security platforms and software solutions.

During that time I witnessed a tremendous amount of employees being completely overworked and underpaid. Employees have velvet handcuffs with the successful stock price and equity they give. The senior leadership team is extremely dysfunctional and there is a ton of competition for power and authority. Leadership doesn’t delegate well and teams do not work well cross functionally as everyone is trying to claim ownership and success. Great product/service for customers but BAD culture and would not recommend working here unless you don’t care about being used and tossed aside once you’ve completed a project.

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Next-generation firewalls from FortiGate offer high performance, many layers of security, and deep visibility to provide comprehensive end-to-end protection for a whole company network. Scalable performance and low latency are provided by the purpose-built security processors utilized by it. Threat intelligence updates and automatic mitigation are both provided by the security services offered by FortiGuard Labs. The operating system that they use is called FortiOS.

ZScaler Cloud Protection is an integrated platform of cloud services that helps eliminate operational complexity out of cloud workload security and secures all workload configurations and permissions. As such, the company is uniquely positioned to help companies migrate to the cloud and keep them secure once there. This also serves to effectively eliminate the need for VPNs, because it makes a device’s IP address invisible to anyone that has not been given access.

It was all cloud-based, but that changed about a half a year after we started to use Zscaler. We assessed whether Zscaler fit our needs or not and we saw that for 75 or 80 percent of our needs, it was a good fit. Some aspects were not mature back then but they have matured over time. Zscaler’s technical support team is good at what they do, and they help us fix our problems quite fast. A lot was asked from us but our investment with the company was well worth it.

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